Michigan Premiere!

Tonight was our Michigan premiere in Grand Rapids! It was a fantastic night, with old friends and new people we had never met before buying tickets at the Wealthy Street Theater. This old vaudeville house has a microcinema next to the restored larger theater.

The old band that inspired the film used to play down the street from this theater! It was a great way to take the film full circle! The name of the band was The Screaming Karats. We did some pretty interesting and innovative things in our time in West Mi and Grand Rapids. First band to play at The Reptile House. First band to produce a CD in West Mi. We did a charity compilation CD with a lot of other bands from the area at the time. Interestingly that Collection ended up in the Ford Museum official Pop Culture Collection.

We had people from all over Michigan: GR, Lansing, Kzoo, Ann Arbor, Port Huron represent at the screening! The Wealthy Theater People were great to work with, and a good place to screen.

Thanks to Robert and Jude for making it up for the screening! I got to stay at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel....the fanciest place in town! It was fun....and the brunch was amazing....

This is what Mobilewave Films is all about, using new mobile technology to take it to the people!

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