A great cast and crew!

What can I say about this cast full of talented, experienced, dedicated, open minded actors....Rj Coleman, Ticha, Marla, Joe, Robert, Luis....putting up with me and my ideas....I have written a script and we have shot many of those scenes, but now everyone is in the groove the past two months and we are starting to really riff on improv....putting the characters in situations....and following to a thru point....I have put RJ through that the most...withholding info from him so he reacts to what he sees...a Mike Leigh way of working....and Marla is the hardest working actor in Chicago....she has been so dedicated....

The crew has been fueled by cheetoes and pizza....Jude, Reggie, and some help from Andrew at the top of the film process have been indespensable.....these guys are pros and never complain....just gotta keep em fed!

We have had a couple different locations from Ravenswood to Wicker Park and Rogers Park. Below are some images from these different sets!

CIC theater bar, subway, club, my apartment, city streets, and more!

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